December 10, 2011


Completeness? Happiness? These words don't come close to describing my emotions. There truly is nothing I can say to capture what my mom means to me...
LUV YA S0ooo MUCH.....


December 9, 2011

Installing Squid Web Proxy Server on Windows 7

Installing Squid Web Proxy Server on Windows 7

Squid is a caching proxy server that can help reduce internet bandwidth usage and improving response time of loading a website by caching and re-using frequently opened web page. Squid reduce the bandwidth usage and accelerate the website loading by caching static website objects such as images, flash objects and text files, with some modification Squid can cache larger files such as PDF, MP3, executables, flash videos, etc.

In this tutorial we will install Squid NT which is a fork from Linux version of Squid to Windows 7 (seven). To begin with the installation, first download the package from here: Squid NT and then extract it to C:\ drive. After extracting the content of package you should see a folder named ‘squid’ on C:\ drive, the full path should be C:\squid. Another way is first extract the zip package on where you save it and then move the ‘squid’ directory to C:\

Modifying configuration file

Now we need to modify some files before we configuring Squid. Go to ‘etc’ folder on C:\squid\etc\ you’ll see these files:

  • cachemgr.conf.default
  • mime.conf.default
  • squid.conf.default
  • squid_radius_auth.conf.default

You need to copy and rename these files:

  • cachemgr.conf.default -> cachemgr.conf
  • mime.conf.default -> mime.conf
  • squid.conf.default -> squid.conf

From the three configuration files we only need to configure squid.conf file. The configuration file cachemgr.conf and mime.conf by default will be sufficient for our basic setup.

The default setting on squid.conf generally is ready to use, but you need to make note on these parts:

1. Search for ‘acl localnet src’ you’ll see:

acl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal network acl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal network acl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal network

You can comment out the settings that are not applicable for your network configuration, in my case I use network configuration so I’ll comment out the other two lines as I don’t need it. You can comment by adding hash key ‘#’. The end result would be like this:

acl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal network #acl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal network #acl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal network

2. Search for ‘dns_nameservers’
Under the explanation, you should add your ISP dns nameservers. The format should look like this:

dns_nameservers <ip_dns_nameserver_1> <ip_dns_nameserver_2>

Now save the changes and close the file. Until these steps, it should be enough to start Squid, you can modify the configuration later on.

Installing Squid service

These steps will install the Squid service so we can restart Squid from Windows’ Control Panel.

1. First we have to disable User Account Control (UAC) settings to be able to install Squid service. Go to: “Control Panel > System and Security > Change User Account Control settings” and move the bar to “Never Notify”, you need to restart Windows 7 to make the settings effective.

Change UAC settings to be able to setup Squid as service

Change UAC settings to be able to setup Squid as service

2. After reboot, open command prompt by clicking on Windows Logo (start), then type ‘Command Prompt’ on the search box and press enter.

Search for "Command Prompt" and press enter

Search for "Command Prompt" and press enter

3. Go to Squid’s sbin directory by typing:

cd c:\squid\sbin

4. Install Squid service with this command (please re-types this and not copy paste to make sure you have the correct character code):

squid.exe -i
You should get this information:
c:\squid\sbin>squid -i Registry stored HKLM\SOFTWARE\GNU\Squid\2.6\Squid\ConfigFile value c:/squid/etc/ squid.conf Squid Cache version 2.7.STABLE6 for i686-pc-winnt installed successfully as Squid Windows System Service. To run, start it from the Services Applet of Control Panel. Don't forget to edit squid.conf before starting it.
Squid service installation

Squid service installation

5. Setup Squid’s cache (please re-types this and not copy paste to make sure you have the correct character code):

squid.exe -z

You should get this information:

c:\squid\sbin>squid -z 2009/08/18 22:50:33| Creating Swap Directories

6. After Squid service is installed and the cache is created, now let’s start the service by going to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services. Look for ‘Squid’, select it and press the start button.

Open the service manager

Open the service manager

Start Squid service

Start Squid service

Now if you see on the Task Manager > Services, you can see Squid service have a Running status.

Squid process on task manager

Squid process on task manager

7. As Squid service is up and running, we need to configure the browser to access the internet via proxy server. On Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings, give check on “Use a proxy server for your LAN …” and fill the Address field with your Squid server IP Address (in this case your PC IP address) with the Port 3128 (standard Squid port, you can modify this on squid.conf), click OK twice to save the settings.

Internet Explorer options

Internet Explorer options

Click on LAN Settings

Click on LAN Settings

Add your PC IP address and Port 3128

Add your PC IP address and Port 3128

8. Next step is to test whether our configuration is correct. Go to this and you should see “Proxy Server Detected!” message, something similar like this:

Check whether Squid working correctly

Check whether Squid working correctly

9. As everything is working, now we need to re-enable User Account Control (UAC). Go to: “Control Panel > System and Security > Change User Account Control settings” and move the bar to “Default” it’s the 3rd bar, you need to restart Windows 7 to make the settings effective.

October 9, 2011


Just watched the movie, "Music Never Stopped"
A truly beautiful movie, and truly Music can Change a person or diseases....
don't know why, after watching it, a tear fell from my eyes......WAS MISSING MY DAD DEEPLY & in the background the song was playing 
"I will survive
as long as i know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give
and I'll survive
I will survive".....

-S.Raiyan (X-Ray)

October 3, 2011

Nice and Beautiful Wallpaper Collections: Nice and Beautiful Bangladesh Wallpapers

Hi Friends, Good Morning, here is some beautiful and nice wall from paper around the Bangladesh.
Here I must mention that the all the pictures are copyrighted by their respective owner.
Thanking you again.
You go to this link for complete sets of collection Bangladesh Wallpapers

September 26, 2011

OST from The Movie Drive 2011 - Enter Real Hero

OST from The Movie Drive 2011 - A Real Hero
A very nice song with electric rhythm...

Enjoy, Enter Real Hero by College with ft Electric Youth

September 25, 2011

Mysteries Around the World - Resolved and Unresolved

Science Mysteries Solved 10

Since the man had use of reason trying to decipher everything around him. Some mysteries were in the shadow of doubt, since it does not have the means to clarify them. The advancement of science and technology today allows us to solve some of the mysteries that have endured over time. Here are 10 of the mysteries unveiled recently by the scientific community.

1.-The acoustics of the theater of Epidaurus

The theater is a theater of Epidavros Argolis old, built in the fourth century C. to accommodate the Asclepeia, contest in honor of the god Asclepius doctor. Model is the acoustic griegos.La theaters theater of Epidaurus is exceptional, allowing viewers up past the bleachers to hear and distinguish the actors speaking in a whisper. Scientific speculation was based on may have been obtained as the acoustic extrordinaria owns the theater. It was believed that the wind brought the sounds to the most remote places. In 2007 scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology discovered that the secret was hidden in the seats, which are made of limestone and filtered and suppressed low frequencies of voices, serving as sound traps. what remains unclear is whether the result of acoustics is the result of an accident or a product of advanced design.

2.-The crystal skulls

A crystal skull is a model of a human skull carved from crystal quartz. It is said that there are thirteen of these skulls in the world, of which five have been found, which have mystical powers and that its origin is unknown. Is assumed that its origin is pre-Columbian and have been made by Mayan or Aztec civilizations. In 2008 a team of British and American researchers using electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography, examined the skulls of the Smithsonian and the British Museum. A detailed analysis of the surface of the skull revealed minute rotary grinding marks around the eye sockets, teeth and skull. This was clear evidence that the skull was cut and polished with a rotary instrument - and the Aztecs never used the wheel. The researchers concluded that the skulls were cut from a piece of Brazilian rock crystal in Europe. Many museums have skulls from the exhibition because of its dubious origin.

3.-The New England Dark Day

On May 19, 1780 an unusual darkening turned day into night in the state of New England and parts of Canada. Since communication was very primitive at that time, the phenomenon was attributed to religious interpretations. But in 2008, researchers at the University of Missouri examined writings and records of the rings of trees damaged by fire, finding that the darkness was caused by a forest fire, which caused the phenomenon that lasted for two days.

4.-The Faces of Mars

The Face on Mars is a distinctive feature on the surface of Mars located in the Cydonia region, which to some resembles a human face. The region was photographed in detail by the Viking 1, which was launched in 1975. Scientists dismissed the face as an effect of light and shadow, but then a second image also shows the face at a different angle to the sun. This caught the attention of organizations interested in extraterrestrial intelligence who maintains that the face was a lost Martian civilization. In 2003, when the European Space Agency Mars Express was launched, was able to combine data from a high-resolution stereo camera and create a 3D representation of the "Face on Mars." The image shows a solid plateau, which apparently was formed by landslides but no picture of the face.

5.-The fish's eyes barrel

The fascinating aspect of these fish are tubular eyes are excellent at the reception of light at depths up to 2500m. The amazing part is that the eyes appear to be fixed at a given location directly above his head. This has puzzled physiologists for decades, it would be almost impossible to fish in search of food. Recently, scientists using a remotely operated vehicle, studied fish in depths ranging from 600-800 meters. They discovered a previously unknown fact, have tubular eyes behind a clear dome filled with liquid and eyes may turn into a shield that covers the head of the fish. This allows the fish to recognize their potential prey and focus forward to see what they are eating. The fish was discovered in 1939. The first drawings did not show his head clear, it is decomposed to be removed from the deep sea.

6.-ladies Solution

Checkers is a game that has existed for 400 years. Since 1989 computers have worked 24 hours a day to break the 500 billion set of possible moves in 1992, a computer was narrowly defeated by world champion Marion Tinsley, who is widely regarded as the best checkers player human. Finally, in 2007, a computer program called Chinook developed by researchers at the University of Alberta can play a perfect game of checkers. In 2007, using 200 desktop computers at the height of the project, Chinook was able to recognize all the possible shift in a game of checkers and determine the correct movement of the hand. If no player makes a mistake, the game ends in a draw.

7.-The Titanic's Unknown Child

Days after the sinking of the Titanic, the body of a baby was found and recovered in the North Atlantic. As he could not be recognized was buried in Nova Scotia with a tombstone that read simply "Unknown Child." In 2001 he was granted permission to exhume the corpse to a group of researchers at Lakeland University in Ontario to try to determine the origin of the child. Referring to the passenger lists can be concluded that the identity was that of Eino Panula. However, in the 2007 showed that was not accurate. A more advanced test DNA was performed on a tooth of the body and when it was compared with DNA from a relative survivor named Goodwin, it was found that the previous result was questionable. It was confirmed that he was Sidney Goodwin.Sidney was the youngest of six brothers, sons of Fred and Augusta Goodwin Fulham, England, who emigrated to Niagara Falls, New York. Never recovered the bodies of the parents or siblings.

Table 8.-deciphered Ancient

In Nineveh, capital of ancient Assyria, which is now Iraq, was found about 150 years ago, a circular tablet made of clay. The tablet shows drawings of constellations and pictogram-based text known as cuneiform, which was used by the Sumerians, the earliest known civilization in the world. For decades scientists have been unable to decrypt the content. In 2008 two scientists, Alan Bond and Mark Hempsell University of Bristol, finally cracked the cuneiform code. Using a computer program that can reconstruct the night sky thousands of years ago, the two scientists were able to establish that the tablet is a notebook Sumerian astronomers and refers to events in the sky before dawn on June 29, 3123 BC (Julian calendar). What makes this surprising discovery is that it shows a large object traveling through the constellation of Pisces, which probably was an asteroid impact on Earth. According to the path that must have fallen in the area of ​​Köfels, Austria, but no signs of impact, so it is presumed that this has disintegrated upon entering the atmosphere.

9.-The Birth of a virgin mother shark

In 2001 a hammerhead shark born in the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska with three potential mothers in the same tank. All had been in captivity for at least three years. Shark Birth puzzled scientists for years. Some scientists thought that one of them had mated before being captured and stored the sperm for fertilization. Some scientist believed that sharks could reproduce asexually by a method known as parthenogenesis rare (a direct development without sperm). Many were skeptical, but in 2007 scientists confirmed that a DNA test. After determining the mother and without any other DNA, researchers were forced to conclude that the babies have no father, so this is the first documented case of asexual reproduction of a shark.

10.-The Flight of the Bumblebee

Scientists have many theories but could not explain exactly how a bumblebee that went against the laws of aerodynamics could fly.Finally in 2005, with the help of high speed cinematography and mechanical models of wings of bees, scientists put a stop to this baffling mystery. As a result found that the bumblebee flaps its wings 230 times per second, much faster than smaller insects. The analysis revealed that the flight is generated by combining unconventional short strokes, rapid rotation of the wing in the opposite direction and a very fast beat frequency.

17 Unsolved Mysteries

There is no end in terms of mysterious events that have no solution in the history of mankind. Fun facts of which we did not find any explanation, to which we have no solution, are those that make the list.

1 .- Grooved Spheres

In recent decades, miners in South Africa have been digging and finding mysterious metal spheres. Of unknown origin, the fields are approximately one inch in diameter, and some are etched with three parallel grooves around Ecuador. There are two types of areas that have been found: one is composed of a solid bluish metal with flecks of white, the others are filled with a spongy white substance. The strange thing is that the rock in which they were found is Precambrian period, and date back 2.8 million years!Who made them and for what purpose? is a mystery that will have to solve.

2 .- The stones Dropa

In 1938, an archaeological expedition led by Dr. Chi Pu Tei, in the inaccessible mountains of Bayan Kara Ula, China, made an astonishing discovery in some caves that had apparently been occupied by some ancient culture. Buried in the dust of ages on the cave floor were hundreds of stone disks. Measuring about nine inches in diameter, each had a circular cut in the center and was etched with a spiral groove, which everyone interpreted as old phonograph around 10,000 to 12,000 years old. The spiral groove, it turns out, is actually composed of tiny hieroglyphics that tell the incredible story of spaceships from some distant world that crashed in the mountains. The ships were run by people who called themselves the DROP, and the remains of their descendants, possibly, were found in the cave.

3 .- The Ica stones

Since the 1930s, Dr. Javier Cabrera's father, a cultural anthropologist of Ica, Peru, discovered many hundreds of ceremonial burial stones in the tombs of the ancient Incas. Dr. Cabrera, has collected more than 1,100 of these andesite stones, which is estimated between 500 and 1,500 years old, have been known collectively as the Ica Stones. The stones are engraved, many of which are sexually explicit (which was common in that culture), some picture idols and others, represent practices such as open heart surgery and brain transplants. The most astonishing etchings, however, clearly represent dinosaurs as brontosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus and pterosaurs. While skeptics consider the Ica Stones a hoax, their authenticity has not been proved or disproved.

4 .- Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Workers cutting and making their way through the dense jungle of Costa Rica to clear an area for banana plantations in the 1930s, encountered some incredible objects: dozens of stone balls, many of which were perfectly spherical . These range in size from as small as a tennis ball to an astonishing 2.4 meters in diameter and weighing 16 tons. Although the stone balls are clearly man-made, no one knows who made them, for what purpose and, most puzzling, how they achieved such spherical precision.

5 .- Linda Oera Book

Linda's book is a manuscript Oera controversial Frisia on historical, mythological and religious who first came to light in the nineteenth century. The topics covered the book of Linda Oera include catastrophism, nationalism, matriarchy, and mythology. The text states that in Europe and other regions, the Frisians were ruled by Folk Mothers who presided over an order of priests celibate Frya dedicated to the Goddess (an early version of the Norse Freya) and his father Wr-alda God. The claim is also that this civilization possessed an alphabet Friesian was the ancestor of Greek and Phoenician alphabets. The current manuscript has a date of 1256. The domestic demand suggest that a copy of older manuscripts that, if true, would have been written by several people between 2194 BC and 803.

6 .- Fossils impossible

The fossils, as we learned in grade school, appear in rocks that were formed many thousands of years ago. However, there are a number of fossils that just do not have geological or historical sense. A fossil of a hand print of man, for example, was found in the limestone, which is estimated to have about 110 million years. What appears to be a fossilized human finger found in the Canadian Arctic also dates back between 100 and 110 million years ago. And what appears to be the fossil of a human footprint, possibly wearing a sandal, was found near Delta, Utah in a shale deposit is estimated to have an old 300 to 600 million years.

7 .- metal objects out of place

Human beings did not exist 65 million years ago, there was no one to work or shape the metal at that time. So how science explains the discovery of semi-ovoid metallic tubes found in excavations in France, dating back 65 million years old?. In 1885, breaking a carbon block, where they found a metal cube obviously worked by intelligent hands. In 1912, employees of a power plant, breaking a large piece of coal, found an iron pot! A nail was found embedded in a sandstone block from the Mesozoic Era.And there are many, many more such findings.

8 .- Ark of the Covenant

The Ark is considered the greatest of all the hidden treasures and its discovery would provide indisputable truth that the Old Testament is a fact. His recovery remains the goal of all modern archaeologists and adventurers. Its purpose was designated as the container for the Ten Commandments on stone tablets given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. According to the book of Exodus, the Ark is made of acacia wood and plated with gold inside and out. She was crowned by a mercy seat, composed of two cherubim of gold. Is believed to have supernatural powers due to several events, including the killing of a man who tried to stabilize the Ark, breaking down the walls of Jericho in a single battle, among others. There are various speculations about his final resting place, and at the same time it would take to find a clever person would need a brave person, even daring to open it.

9 .- Angel Hair

The angel hair is a rare phenomenon that has so far defied any logical explanation. It is composed of silk threads that rain upon the earth, but if they touch them it is almost certain to disappear before your eyes. It is a worldwide phenomenon whose most common events recorded in North America, New Zealand, Australia and Western Europe. There is no known evidence that this substance is formed, or even that it is composed. There are speculations that have come out of spiders or other silk yarn, and even attributed to UFOs, as they often have been associated with sightings of them. Due to its sensitive nature, it has been difficult to collect and analyze, and that flute subject to contamination by exhaust fumes from cars, and even human contact, which could distort the results of chemical tests.

10 .- The Piri Reis maps

It is supposedly a chart prepared by the Ottoman admiral Piri Reis in 1513 and published in 1523 as part of his work The Book of marine materials. Although Piri Reis lived in an earlier time, it is said that the maps drawn after the "discovery of America" ​​... although it is true that the date of its creation was in the same century, the voyages of Columbus, Piri Reis maps based on 1500 years old, the era of Alexander. Columbus and his crew may well have sailed well knowing what place they were going to use the maps of the Ottoman Empire, as there are certain facts that relate to Christopher Columbus with Piri Reis. The map shows part of the western coasts of Europe and North Africa with reasonable accuracy, and the coast of Brazil is also easily recognizable.Several islands in the Atlantic, the Azores and the Canary Islands are represented, as well as the mythical island of Antilia. The map is notable for its depiction of a southern landmass that some controversial statements the evidence as early awareness of the existence of Antarctica.

11 .- The Holy Shroud

It is a linen cloth which has marks on a human victim of a crucifixion with other completely atypical, but that match to those reported in passion. Catholicism assumed to be the cloth that wrapped Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre and in his resurrection, his image was etched on the canvas. Despite having been subjected to many trials and scientific studies failed to determine whether they really fulfilled the role assigned to it. In 1988, the mantle was subjected to carbon-14 testing, which dates back to the original date in mid-S XIV, which made him a fraud, but his defenders attribute an error to the test because the canvas is very contaminated, plus three fires to survive, which is a contamination that can affect their chemical composition.

12 .- The Mary Celeste

This was a brig built in 1861, whose original name was "Amazon". The fact of the complete disappearance of the crew make this ship as one of the most outstanding mysteries in the history of navigation.
The boat was found in the Atlantic, sailing under full sail, bound for Gibraltar, with no one to crew on.
Even today it continues to seek an explanation for what happened. The theory that the judges declared officially assumed, perhaps due to a gas leak that was carrying alcohol, the captain thought that a general explosion or poisoning were to take place, giving the order to evacuate the ship immediately. Another version relates that the crew ate and carrying alcohol in a fit of rage killed the captain and his family, but is unlikely, since alcohol was carrying industrial type.

13 .- The Taos Hum

The Taos hum is a low-pitched sound heard in numerous places around the world, especially in the U.S., the UK and northern Europe. Is usually heard in quiet environments, and is often described as the sound of a distant diesel engine. Since it has been undetectable by microphones or VLF antennae, its source and nature remains a mystery. In 1997 Congress, scientists and observers from some of the most prestigious research institutes in the nation, concerned about a strange low frequency noise heard by residents around the small town of Taos, New Mexico. For years they had heard the noise, often described by them as "hum", had been looking for answers. Until today nobody knows the cause of snoring.

14 .- The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is a medieval document prepared in writing and foreign language. For over a hundred years people have tried to break the code without success. The overall impression given by the leaves of the manuscript suggests that it was drafted to serve as a pharmacopoeia or to address issues in medieval or early modern medicine. However, the puzzling details of illustrations have fueled many theories about the origins of the book, the contents of your text, and the purpose for which it was intended. The document contains illustrations that suggest that the book contains six chapters: Herbal, Astronomical, Biological, Cosmological, Pharmaceutical, and recipes.

15 .- Jack the Ripper

The name, taken from an anonymous letter from whom was attributed the facts, refers to a serial murderer who in 1888 ran a series of murders in the impoverished Whitechapel area of ​​London. The legends surrounding the Ripper murders have become a complex disorder of historical research, conspiracy theory and folklore freely interpreted. The lack of a confirmed identity for the murderer has allowed numerous comments from historians and amateur researchers pointed to a large number of potential criminals. Some of the bodies were found just a few minutes after the killing. To this day it is unknown who was the identity of "Jack The Ripper".

16 - The Zodiac Murderer

In the late 60's, a series of crimes shook northern California. A murderer calling itself "The Zodiac murderer" executed at least five people in a span of ten months. The murderer makes calls to the police attributed the responsibility for the crimes and later sent letters to the press taking credit for the acts committed. The written message reads:
The identity of the murderer remains unknown. The Police Department of San Francisco declared the investigation "inactive" in April 2004 and reopened the case in March 2007.

17 .- Lady Babushka

After the events of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a video appears in a mysterious woman, which, according to FBI investigations, and as shown in the video, could have made a film at the time of the attack. His epithet derived from the use of a head scarf, as worn by Russian grandmothers. Witnesses referred to the fact that the woman was carrying a camera. Some years later a woman named Beverly Oliver was identified as "Babushka Lady". Oliver said the film was confiscated by the federal agent Regis Kennedy and was never returned.

11 scientific puzzles 
(good for those who do not know)

1. The placebo effect.

Take a fictitious case, the patient X. Several times a day for several days, causes pain, which is controlled by doses of morphine.Until the last day of the experiment. Those 24 hours, without Mr. X's knowledge, morphine was replaced by an absolutely harmless saline solution. It seems incredible, but this solution has the same effect as morphine and the pain disappears.

This is what is known as the placebo effect. Before the arrival of the drugs in the twentieth century, was the most potent weapon against the disease medicine. Crocodile dung, oil, worm lizard blood to be touched by the King were medicines used between the XVI and XIX century. Since the publication in 1955, the book The Powerful Placebo HK Beecher, it was recognized that 35% of patients with a wide variety of diseases could be treated only with placebo. In subsequent studies, we have seen that can operate at 70% and even 100% of cases.

Nobody knows yet what mechanisms are involved in the placebo effect. Some studies suggest that pain reduces anxiety and facilitates the release of endorphins (natural chemicals similar to narcotics) in the brain, although still unconfirmed hypothesis.

2. The horizon problem.

Our universe was extremely homogeneous, and the temperature of the background radiation is the same in any direction you look.The fact that the temperature is uniform would not be surprising were it not that between the two extremes of the Universe is a distance of nearly 2,800 million light years, while the age of the universe is 'only' about 1,400 million years. Given that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and the hypothesis that there was an initial moment or big bang, the question is: how is it possible that regions physically disconnected from the "beginning" of the universe were in states physical so similar?

This is what is known as the 'horizon problem', one of the biggest headaches of cosmologists, still not finding the solution.

3. Ultra-energy cosmic rays

Cosmic rays are particles that arrive from space and constantly bombard Earth from all directions. Most of these particles are the nuclei of atoms or electrons. Some are more energetic than any other particle observed in nature. The mystery is in its high energy.The special theory of relativity Einstein says that any cosmic rays reaching the Earth from outside our galaxy will have suffered many collisions that the maximum possible energy that can have is 5 × 1019 eV.

Rays detected from a decade ago by the Akeno observatory Japanese are well above this limit, which or data-taken at different times and it always seems, are wrong, and Einstein was wrong.

4. Dark matter

Not everything in the universe is visible. Astronomers can detect objects that emit or absorb light or other electromagnetic radiation or interact gravitationally with other objects that we can detect. The term "dark matter" refers to this matter whose existence can not be detected by processes associated with light , ie not emit or absorb electromagnetic radiation.

Determine the nature of dark matter and how much there is the so-called''dark matter problem''or''missing mass problem''and is one of the most important problems of modern cosmology. The question of the existence of dark matter may seem irrelevant to our existence on earth, but the fact of whether or not dark matter affects the ultimate fate of the universe.

5. Methane on Mars

On July 20, 1976 Gilbert Levin, one of the engineers in charge of NASA missions to Mars, the Viking was orbiting the red planet had found carbon-14 containing methane in the planet's soil, so the conclusion should be obvious and very important: there is life on Mars.

Something is ingesting the nutrients, is breaking down, and then expelled to the atmosphere as a gas mixed with carbon 14.However, NASA did not dare to affirm categorically the discovery, because another instrument of the Viking, designed to identify organic molecules considered essential symbols of life found nothing, so almost all NASA scientists decided to declare a finding of Viking a "false positive". But was it?

Today, the arguments for and against scientists continue to divide, although it is true that the rovers to study the red planet a year ago have found evidence of the Viking discoveries.

6. Tetraneutrones

Four years ago, in a particle accelerator in France detected six particles that should not exist. They called them 'tetraneutrones': four neutrons bound together in a way that defies the laws of physics.

Francisco Miguel Marques ay colleagues GANIL accelerator in Caen are trying conseguri since the effect again, but so far they have succeeded. If repeated, these 'clusters' of atoms may force scientists to rethink the forces that hold together the nucellus of atoms.

7. The Pioneer anomaly

This is the parallel story of two spacecraft. One, the Pioneer 10 was launched in 1972, the Pioneer 11 a year later. Right now, both must be in deep space, away from the sight of any human ingenuity, but their paths are too fascinating to ignore.

And is that something has been 'pushed' to the two spacecraft, causing it to increase its speed. The acceleration is small, less than one nanometer per second, but enough to make out to 400,000 kilometers Pioneer initial trajectory. NASA lost contact with Pioneer 11 in 1995, but everything indicates that it could be 'suffering' the same process as her twin sister, and would be off course somewhere in the space. What causes this detour? At the moment, nobody knows.

8. Dark energy

This is one of the biggest problems in physics. In 1998, a group of astronomers discovered that the universe is expanding faster than ever. That means that the speed at which a distant galaxy is receding from us tiempo.De increases with this theory be correct, the ultimate result of this trend would be the impossibility of seeing any other galaxy. This new theory of the end of the Universe has been called the Great Tear or, in English, Big Rip.

It is an effect which is still investigating the causes, but one suggestion might be motivated by the 'dark energy', a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all space and produces a negative pressure, resulting in a force repulsive gravity. Dark energy may account for the rapidly expanding universe, as well as a significant fraction of its mass.

9 The Cliff Kuipper

If someone traveled to the area outside the solar system the orbits of Neptune and Pluto, would be very strange. Suddenly, after crossing the Kuiper cintutón-full of small objects like asteroids and comets-ice there is nothing. Astronomers call the "Kuiper cliff", because the density of objects drops dramatically.

The question is what has caused this sudden change, and the only possible answer seems to be the existence of a tenth planet in the solar system large enough to have attracted all those bodies into its orbit. For now, however, nobody has any evidence of the existence of this planet X.

10. The signal 'wow'

The signal lasted 37 seconds, and came from outer space. On August 15, 1977 the astronomer Jerry Ehman, of Ohio State University (USA) received a radio signal of Delaware. Seeing the Transcript of the signal, Ehman wrote next to the word 'wow1'. 28 years later, nobody has been able to explain what or who issued the signal.

The radiation coming from the direction of Sagittarius, and a field unos1420 megahertz frequency. These frequencies are part of the radio spectrum in which each type of transmission is prohibited by international agreement. The nearest estella in that direction is about 220 light years, so if the signal came from there, had to cause either an enormously powerful astronomical event. Or maybe it was an alien civilization with a powerful transmitter?

11. Cold fusion

In 1989 two researchers from the University of Utah (USA), Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, triggered nuclear fusion in a test tube. Argued that it was possible processes of "cold fusion" using a metal block as a catalyst of palladium. Over the next 10 years, were thousands of scientists tried to re-achieve the same results, but without success. Controversy continues today, although there are many who argue that the results of Fleischmann and Pons were the result of experimental error.

10 Conspiracy Theories

Some of the stories that people enjoy and feed the curiosity are the conspiracy theories. Trying to understand or discover the hidden, curiosity, or simply the fact of a snowball rolling to see how it grows are some of the hobbies that have had more boom in recent years, and even more so with the growth of the Internet have appeared a number of theories about events that shaped the history of mankind.

1 .- Attacks of 11 / 9 planned by the government

Many studies and theories claim that the events of the twin towers are due to controlled situations and planned by the U.S. Government. UU. It is claimed that the tower # 7 was due to a controlled situation by explosives detonated at a given time and the onslaught of a Boeing 757 at the Pentagon. The theory holds that the motive for the disengagement of the government, despite believing they had advance knowledge of, was that the attack would generate public support for militarization, police state institution, the extreme control of foreign and domestic policies which would benefit. A controversial series of events force feed a number of theories involving the government and a desire to control expansion and globalization.

2 .- The Roswell UFO incident

Roswell, New Mexico, USA. UU. July 1947, a farmer who allegedly found were the remains of a spaceship. The government denied any theory that would indicate the discovery of the ship, informing the public that it was weather balloon which had plunged to the ground. From this event, a number of assumptions were woven as a media show, possibly to benefit those who supported the theory of an alien ship, as this would favor the sale of related items such as books and other things. In the 90 declassified Air Force documents related to incidents which indicate that crashed in Roswell was flight # 4 Project Mogul and the need to maintain the secrecy of the project led to the alleged UFO incident. However, until 1978, the Roswell incident received little attention, until researchers Stanton T. Friedman and William L. Moore compared the results of a series of interviews each had carried out separately. Their conclusions were that at least one alien artifact had crashed in the vicinity of Roswell, who recovered the aliens, some possibly still alive, and that a massive cover-up of any knowledge of the incident was put in place.

3 .- The assassination of John F. Kennedy

The official report of the Warren commission reports that on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, USA at 12:30 pm, Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that ended the life of the thirty-fifth President of the United States. UU., John F. Kennedy. A number of theories were woven following the death of Kennedy, and some intend to today. The theories appellants claim a plot by the CIA, the KGB, the Mafia, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, FBI, groups opposed to military and political interests of the government. The discussion continues.

4 .- The global warming fraud

This theory refers to the assertion that global warming is a fraud promoted by financial and ideological interests. This suggestion was founded in 1990, which raises the conspiracy in the Equinox documentary broadcast by Channel Four in the UK. Dr. William Gray, a pioneer in studies of hurricane forecasting has drawn up a list of 15 reasons for global warming hysteria, including deck desire among scientists, government leaders and environmentalists to find a political cause them would organize, and propaganda of the union of force, influencing política.Tambien cites rising to vice president Al Gore as the beginning of their problems with government funds. He said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stopped the help he provided for research, and so did NASA.

5 .- Death of Lady Di in the hands of the Royal Family

A death that shocked the world was that caused the car accident in 1997 which is killed Princess Diana. The prior history and suspicions surrounding the fact point to a possible pregnancy of Dodi Al-Fayed, who died in the crash, and a possible marriage with this, leading many people to speculate that she was killed to prevent further scandal to the throne of England. The father of Al-Fayed's theories argue over, blaming the British and French intelligence, police and medical services and others to be involved in the death of his son and Lady Di.

6 .- The Jewish domination in the world

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an antisemitic pamphlet first published in 1903 in Czarist Russia aimed ideologically justify pogroms suffered by Jews. The text would be the alleged transcript of a meeting of the "Elders of Zion", which these wise detailed plans for a Jewish conspiracy, which would be in control of Masonry and Communist movements, extended by all nations Earth and the ultimate goal would be to world power. Protocols are considered by some as an anti-Jewish literary forgery that purports to describe a Jewish plot to achieve world domination, but the conspiracy and its alleged leaders, referred to as "the Elders of Zion" never existed.

7 .- Charges of falsification of the landing of the Apollo Program

Is the great step of mankind, a fraud? Many theories demolish the man on the moon. There is talk of a well-crafted assembly made by NASA in an effort to compete with the Russians about the supremacy of that magnificent event. Those who support this theory have as their main justifications disputes arising from some photographs and the Cold War context in which the landings occurred. However, scientists, technicians and interested in the history of space exploration rational explanations have been given the controversies, so that they reject these claims calling them unfounded and not having any scientific basis. Experts in photography (even those unrelated to NASA) respond that the anomalies, while sometimes counterintuitive, are in fact exactly what you would expect from a real moon landing, and contrary to what would occur with manipulated images a study.

8 .- The attack on Pearl Harbor was allowed

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was the gateway to the U.S.. UU. World War II. It is speculated that the refusal of Congress to allow U.S. participation. UU., President Roosevelt, who would have known the fact, permitted and provoked the attack.Theories warn that the Americans were warned at least by the governments of Great Britain, Peru, Netherlands, Australia and Korea. They had broken the Japanese codes and knowledge of the attack was coming, allowed it and covered up these.

9 .- The Third Secret of Fatima

"The three mysteries of Fatima" is the name used to refer to three secrets that Our Lady of Fatima would have committed to three Portuguese shepherd. In October 1917, three young shepherds Portuguese, Lucia dos Santos and her cousins ​​Jacinta and Francisco Marto, claimed to have witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The vision of Mary is now popularly described as Our Lady of Fatima. On July 13, Mary entrusted three secrets - in the form of prophecies - to the young visionaries. Two of the secrets were revealed in 1941 in a document written by Lucia to assist with the canonization of her cousins, while the third had to remain secret, although the Bishop of Leiria commanded to put in writing Lucia for submission to the Pope. Lucia chose the date of 1960 to reveal the secret, because she said he thought that "then it will be more clearly understood." The text of the third secret was released by Pope John Paul II on June 26, 2000. A Catholic priest who has apparently seen the original text of the "third secret" of Fatima disputes the official interpretation of the secret released by the Vatican. In addition, he has asked the Vatican influential people about the text and has not got any response. While the priest's comments are somewhat radical, are not without merit, as he has seen the secret with his own eyes.

10 .- The Philadelphia experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment, also called "Project Rainbow", is considered an urban legend about a supposed secret experiment conducted by the U.S. Navy in the shipyards of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, on or before October 28 1943. The experiment had been conducted by Dr. Franklin Reno (or Rinehart) as a military application of the unified theory or "general theory of relativity" Albert Einstein. In short, the theory postulates the relationship between the forces of electromagnetic radiation and gravity. Through a special application of the theory, it is thought possible, using specialized equipment and sufficient energy to bend light around an object, rendering it essentially invisible. The Navy would have considered this really valuable in war, as the United States were participating in the Second World War at the time, and decided to approve and fund the experiment. A destroyer escort, USS Eldridge (DE-173) was equipped with a generator required at the shipyard in Philadelphia. The evidence would have started the summer of 1943, and to some extent they succeeded at first. One test, the July 22, 1943, Eldridge returned to almost completely invisible, with some witnesses reporting a "greenish fog", however, some crew members later complained of nausea. At that time, the experiment was altered at the request of the Navy, with the aim of making the ship invisible to radar only.