April 15, 2011

Samsung E2130 secret code / Engineering code

Last night I wanted to find out my newly brought Samsung E2130 so-called secret code or engineering code for some reason, especially I wanted to know when it was actually made and whats the Software version it used, I googled and found very little about it, but it helped a lot though... From various blog i collected some Code that can be used in this E2130 model from Samsung mobile...
I personally like this mobile a lot coz it has many handy features and nice sleek look.... more of this phone features can be found Here

Anyways, lets look around some *SECRET* hidden in this mobile.....

*#1111# ------------------ S/w Version
*#1234# ------------------ Dev.Version FW
*#2222# ------------------ H/w Version Rev
*2767*8451# -------------Reset (Normal Reset)
*#0206*8378# ----------- Audio Settings
*#4777*8665# ----------- GPRS Tool
*#0206*667# ------------- Debug mode
*2767*3855# ------------- E2P Full Reset (Works very well if some how you change the setting and couldn't back to the default, but also don't forget to data back up)
*2767*2878# ------------- E2P Custom Reset
*2767*927# -------------- E2P Wap Reset
*2767*226372# --------- E2P Camera Reset

These are the essential codes for me... well, it served me well and hope you will enjoy it, especially the Audio settings has very vast features and it so customizable...

So keep smiley and have fun, and if you face problem then don't forget to comment here, i will sure reply.

Thanks and regards

Through the eye of Lens (some info about Digital lenses)

  1. 50 mm is NOT the lenses focal length. It is the distance between the lens and the sensor. The actual focal length is something different and usually not fixed for a camera lens
  2. F/1.8 means that the aperture of the lens is  focal_length/1.8
  3. F/1.4 is a very high value of aperture, such a lens would be very fast since the lens would have to be open for a very small time.
  4. This is a picture of relative sizes by F number.....