April 24, 2011

Google fined $5m over Linux patent row...!!!!

Google fined $5m over Linux patent row

The internet titan was found guilty of infringing a patent related to the Linux kernel and 
fined $5m (£3.2m).

A judgement by a Texas jury against Google could have major implications for the search giant and the open source world said experts.
The software is used by Google for its server platforms and could also extend to its Android mobile platform.
The kernel is at the core of the open-source operating system meaning this verdict could be far-reaching.
The case resulted in a victory for a firm called Bedrock Computer Technologies which has also sued Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, PayPal, Match.com and AOL.

Dictionary of Marketing

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Dictionary of Marketing 

 A. Ivanovic, P.H. Collin “Dictionary of Marketing”
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 2003-07-07 ISBN:0747566216 PDF 304 pages 3,8 Mb

Cambridge Practice tests for IELTS 7

Cambridge Practice tests for IELTS 7

You most certainly the word IELTS have faced this word stands for International English Language Testing System is currently one of the most prestigious English language test which is held around the world. This kind of test is an entrance exam for those who want English-speaking environment to study or work or intend to migrate to English-speaking countries and Australia have. Today the site download a book titled homeland Cambridge Practice tests for IELTS 5 you have prepared the fifth book of the series for Cambridge IELTS is ready. This comprehensive reference book of test questions with answers that IELTS is that you study them with their preparation for the test Mysazyd. PDF format of this book that use software PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobar Reader must be.

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