August 21, 2011

Eye catching beautiful sarees for ladies

      Holy Ramadan is almost end and as Eid becomes near, the shopping malls and beauty shops are all glazing with different items but among them, Saree is much popular from ages to ages. Although different dresses like lehenga, ghagra-choli, kamiz, ladies fatua, three pice also much popular, but Saree's are always an Asian woman's best suited attraction.
     The Saree is the traditional outfit of women in Bangladesh and the Indian subcontinent.The word Saree is a derivative of the Prakrit word Sattika. This glamorous, yet demure outfit first originated in southern India and today has gained enough popularity to symbolize itself as an Indian heritage and legacy. The reputation of the Saree has spread so much that even women from other parts of the world, of different nationalities and cultures are also taking an active interest in many countries.

     Below some very artistic and beautiful Saree design collected from the web. All are high quality photos for those design enthusiast.