September 18, 2011

Sikkim Earthquake Shaken Bangladesh. Sikkim Shakes 3 times

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Earthquake has shaken Sikkim, India territory with magnitude of 6.9 at UTC time 12:40:48. which has been felt from various areas of Bangladesh and also Gangtok, Sikkim, India, Shiliguri, West Bengal, India KATHMANDU, Nepal, Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, India. 
According to USGS (United States Geological Survey: the Sikkim area has shaken three times first at UTC time 13:11:57 with magnitude of 4.8, next one hits on UTC time 13:54:18 with magnitude of 4.6 It was UTC time 12:40:48 with magnitude of 6.8. It was originated from 19 to 25 km from the surface.

The earthquake density map of this area has given below-

Historical earthquake on this day:

Turkey, 1984 - Magnitude of 6.4

Three people killed, 38 injured, and 75,000 houses destroyed or damaged 

M6.9 - Japan, 1984

Felt at Tateyama and at Tokyo. Felt along the east 

coast of central and northern Honshu. Also felt in southern Hokkaido. 

Local tsunami reported: 11 cm on Hachijo-jima, 10 cm at Ishinomaki, 5 
cm at Onahama, and 3 cm at Tateyama. 

For live earthquake reports and results visit:


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