May 20, 2017

Wireless Power Transmission is a very popular technology now a days. We have seen wireless phones, walkitalkies and many wireless devices. However, there is a modern trend in wireless power supply or
wireless power transfer project. But sadly most of them are fake and not so powerful. The main reason behind is theoretical and constructive complexity. However, some of our fellows at Amader Electronics have successfully managed to create this wireless power system. And with this wireless system you can now run small but powerful DC motor. But one can also modify some of it output circuitry and can run mobile chargers, wireless mouse, router etc.

What is wireless?

This is a method by which anything (specially electricity or electrical signal) can be sent from one device to another without any physical contacts. We will use this method to run a small fan from short distance. If you wish, mobile chargers can be made and possible through this.

What we need to do to create this project:

  1. Center Tap Transformer of 1 12 Volt 3 Ampere
  2. Power supply circuit
  3. Transmitter and Receiver Circuit
  4. Transmitters and receiver coils
  5. Any kind of load (small DC fan used here)

Wireless Transmitters and Receiver Circuits
Transmitter and receiver circuits have detailed procedures and diagrams in the video, so here we are not writing anything more.

Transmitters and receiver coils

The Coils are the main part of this device. If the transmitter coil is not well made, the power transmission will not good. 
To make this coil, we have arranged 7 different strands of 30 SWG super enamel wires to put together. And with that twisted wire, rest of the coil is made according to the video. Watch the video again if you have trouble understanding In this tutorial video.

At the end of the video, you can see that the comparison of input and output power with the digital multimeter.
By seeing this we can assume that the use of such wireless power transmitter system will result of great amount loss of electricity.

How to reduce Power Wastes

However, it is possible to reduce the power waste greatly by improving the coil designs, circuits, parts and circuit designs.

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